About Me

My name is Julia Pulizzotto, but I normally use the Italian version of my name: Giulia.

On this page I want to give you some info about my tutoring career and experience, so you can gain some trust in my capabilities as a teacher.

I was born in Munich, Germany in 1983, and grew up in a multilingual family. Probably this personal background has instilled in me an interest in foreign languages and cultures.

Munich city skyline

I currently speak natively German and Italian. Almost native in Polish. I’m fluent in English. And I can speak French to some level.

I graduated in Linguistics at the LMU University of Munich.

My journey in language tutoring started in 2007 when I began teaching German in some language schools in Munich.

It feels like yesterday, I was staring at my first classroom of students. I was frozen as much as my students were. I’m not sure if they were more scared and respectful of me or of the German language. Since then there has been a lot of water under the bridge.

Visit the page A1 German Online Group course, all the info on my German course for beginner.

Between 2007 and 2012 I taught in language schools, in private courses of German and Italian, as well as in group courses.

During the time I taught for language schools, I noticed that there is a great deal of room for improvement in teaching foreign languages.

Therefore I decided to skip the ditch and dedicate myself to teaching on my own.

I started my autonomous teaching activity at the end of 2012. My project Studio NaVivo for individual face-to-face tutoring, has been very successful through the years and has helped hundreds of students of many nationalities. I’m very proud of it.

In 2020, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to promote online tutoring via Skype as a safe and efficient way to teach languages to people.

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