German classes near me

German classes near me is actually one of the most researched key phrases. To the point that the search is proposed in the top positions just typing German class, see the pic below.

German classes near me

Now I tell you a secret 🙊. If you don’t want to waste your precious time riding 🚗 to the school during traffic-jammed hours ⛔, the solution is right here, a few cm from your nose 👃.

This is how it looks a German class far from you, the opposite of what you are looking for:

German classes near me

Why would you want to do that to yourself 🤔 ❗❓

Why not review your attitude towards online classes and give it a try ❓

Change your learning experience to a completely relaxed and enjoyable experience, sitting (or lying) on your favorite sofa 🛋️ in your living room, drinking a cup of coffee ☕.

German classes at home

This is how a German class near me is supposed to look like. You don’t need to commute, you don’t need to wear a mask 😷 or fear contact with other people 🦠.

Visit A1 German Online Group course, all the info on my German course for beginner.

Native speaker

This is a plus for any language course, isn’t it?

I’m a native German-speaking teacher 👩‍🏫, living in Germany. With many (well, is relative, as I’m not so old 👵) years of teaching German behind me. Also, with many students left behind me.

Not only I can teach you the language without any error, but I can convey to you the quintessence of the German language. Not to mention I can transmit to you the culture, uses, and traditions of Germans.

German traditions

My German course

For my online lessons, always near you, I can use either Skype or Teams 💻.

I can teach any level from A1 to C2. Besides German, I speak English, Italian and Polish. Hopefully, we can find a common language for my tutoring…

Visit the page about my German course if you want to know more details.

Last, but not least, I have a money-back guarantee policy in case you want to withdraw from the course, at any moment. No question asked.