How to use trotzdem

In this article I show you how to use trotzdem. It can be used as an adverb and as a conjugation.

Although using it as a conjunction causes many German purists to turn up their noses.

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How to use trotzdem as an adverb

Trotzdem can be used as an adverb. The meaning is that of the English word nevertheless or nonetheless.

In the case trotzdem is used as an adverb I have the main sentence (Hauptsatz) that introduce the topic, and a secondary sentence (Nebensatz) that describe an unexpected prosecution of the main sentence.

The sentence is formed like:

first sentence | comma | trotzdem | second sentence with inversion of verb and subject


  • Ich weiß, dass ich keinen Alkohol trinken kann, trotzdem trinke ich ihn.
    I know, I cannot drink any alcohol, nevertheless I do it.

  • Er war krank, trotzdem ging er zur Arbeit.
    He was sick, nevertheess he went to work.

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How to use trotzdem as a conjunction

Trotzdem can be used as a conjunction as well. It can be translated as although in English.

This use case of trotzdem is only for colloquial spoken language and it’s not considered a correct form of German.

The use of trotzdem as a conjunction is similar to that of obwohl.

Use of trotzdem as a conjunction:

Trotzdem | first sentence | comma | second sentence with inversion


  • Trotzdem ich weiß, dass ich keinen Alkohol trinken kann, trinke ich ihn.
    Even if I know, that I cannot drink any alcohol, I drink it.
  • Trotzdem er krank war, ging er zur Arbeit.
    Even if he was sick, he went to work.

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