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European language levels are classified with a letter followed by a number. The levels goes from A1 to C2. What anything of these proficiency levels mean, has been codified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A1 is the simplest level, the level for completely beginners 👶.

In the A1 course of German, you will learn all the basic vocabulary, reading, grammar, and comprehension.

You learn the ropes, starting with the basic steps: greetings, introducing yourself, ordering at a restaurant, and asking for help. Simple German phrases, enough to hold a basic conversation with a native speaker.

And for the first 1 million bookings, there is a special lesson: curses and bad words in German 😆.

An A1 level speaker can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at satisfying needs of a concrete type. He can introduce himself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he lives, the people he knows and the things he has. He can interact in a simple way as long as the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help.


Teaching a complex topic like quantum physics... 🙃... German language isn't easy at all.

What are the keys for a successful teaching? Empathy and commitment. Empathic teaching means you need to establish an empathic connection with your class and adapt your teaching methods, your rhythm, yourself, to the class. For example, breaking an intense grammar lesson in more sessions, before the student gets tired and unreceptive.

How does my commitment affect you? Because my online group courses are cut ✂️ on your needs, to help you to learn the language in a relaxed and enjoyable way. To find the best resources and the best explanations, the one that work for you.


There isn't really much rocket science. Home-office, smart working, are nowadays familiar to almost everyone. Unfortunately!

Either Skype or Teams can be both used for the online lessons. If you need help with the installation just follow the support link on the bottom of the page.

The equipment you need is simply a pc (better than a smartphone) or a tablet, with a decent camera and an headset. And of course a fairly stable internet connection. Plus your text book to follow along.


Let’s give the speech to my students. These are Google reviews, spontaneously written by some of my students who have learned German with my classes.


Maybe you want to learn something about me, before booking a course. If not, feel free to skip this section.


I have a degree in Linguistics from the LMU University of Munich, what technically makes me a grammar nerd 🤓. Anyway don't worry, we are going to have fun with the German language, putting the focus of our German classes on breaking the ice 🧊 with real life conversations.

Who are my A1 group courses for?

A German course can have different flavours, depending on the scope of your learning, your motivation, your needs.
One thing is common to all courses: you. The student is always in the middle point of any course.

Online German course for everyone
Online course for professionals
Online German course for child
Online preparation of the German language exam
Getting more info

In this page, I have tried to explain the how and why of my A1 online German language lessons. If you want some more details, including technical details, choose the formula you are interested in, individual lessons or group courses, and visit the corresponding page.

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