German courses with Skype

In 2022, technological progress is such that not only is a German course via Skype feasible but it also has some advantages over a traditional face-to-face course.

German course via Skype

In an online German course, the student and the teacher are connected to each other via Skype or other equivalent software.

Contrary to popular belief, online language classes are as interactive and engaging as traditional courses.

It is essential that the tutor is able to keep the student’s attention level high, reacting to the signs of inattention or tiredness that come from the student.

This is where tutors’ experience comes into play.

Among the novelties of online language learning, there is the possibility to record the lesson, so that it can be easily reviewed later.

For information on German virtual classroom visit the page linked. If you are more the 1:1 learner keep reading this page!

My experience πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

I have a degree in linguistics from Munich’s University and have been teaching languages for thirteen years.

I enjoyed tutoring language learners from all over the world 🌏, say a country, I have it… probably.

I have taught in individual and group courses, both for adults and for children.

Only recently I have launched my online language courses. Focusing on the best techniques and strategies to learn a second language without the physical presence of a teacher.

My German courses

The beauty of an online course is that this is shaped, during the course, by the particular needs of the student.

The learner is always at the Mittelpunkt (center in German) of the learning process.

Let’s see a rough categorization of the courses according to the number of lessons per week and the focus:

  • Generic. Once or twice a week, to learn the language calmly but with solid foundations. Obviously, it is the most requested. It is right for you if you have no special needs, such as tight deadlines.
  • Intensive. Probably you need to speak German in a short time, because of a deadline or similar. Two hours a day immersed in the language will make a proficient speaker out of you.
  • Semi-intensive. With a frequency between the generic and the intensive. For example, two lessons twice a week.
  • For children πŸ§’. It’s a language class with a lot of fun and playing. Of course, all in German and with teaching methods suitable for children. And you can’t do more than 45 minutes at a time because children easily lose attention.
  • For professionals. It’s a language training with a special focus on the working world. Since many students work or would like to work in Germany, a lot will be said about the local working world.
  • For nurses or doctors. Because there is a major shortage of these two categories of workers in Germany, there are courses and exams specifically dedicated to them.
  • Time for holidays. Are you planning a skiing holiday in the Tyrolean Alps 🎿 and want to impress your friends with your brilliant German? I cannot guarantee that you will be able to understand the Austrian dialect 😎 but the standard German language wouldn’t be a problem.
  • Preparation for the exam. It is not always easy to understand the differences between the German exams: testDAF, Goethe certificate, telc, etc. The preparation is slightly different compared to a generic course also because there is almost always a short deadline.
  • Conversation course πŸ’¬. One mistake that most (too) methodical students make is to memorize all German grammar slavishly without paying due attention to the real language. In a conversational course, we apply the aseptic grammar rules to a real conversation.

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The level 🌑️

CEFR language levels

My German courses with Skype cover all levels of knowledge of the language, from A1 (beginner) to C2 (native speaker).

These levels refer to the definition of competence levels made by the Council of Europe (CEFR).

The skill levels as defined by the CEFR are shown in the table below.

A1Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at satisfying needs of a concrete type. He can introduce himself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he lives, the people he knows and the things he has. He can interact in a simple way as long as the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help.
A2Can understand frequently used phrases and expressions relating to areas of immediate relevance (e.g. basic personal and family information, purchases, local geography, work). He can communicate in simple and routine activities that require a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of one’s background, immediate environment and issues in areas of immediate need.
B1Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar topics that are regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Can handle most situations that can arise when traveling in an area where the language is spoken. Can produce simple linked texts on familiar or personal interest topics. It can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly provide reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
B2Can understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in its field of specialization. It can interact with a certain degree of fluidity and spontaneity that make regular interaction with native speakers possible without effort for both parties. It can produce clear and detailed texts on a wide range of topics and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue by offering advantages and disadvantages of various options.
C1Can understand a wide range of longer and more demanding texts and recognizes an implicit meaning. He can express himself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious search for expressions. Can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. It can produce clear, well structured and detailed texts on complex topics, showing a controlled use of organizational schemes, connectors and cohesive devices.
C2It easily understands practically everything that listens or reads. It summarizes information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing topics and reports in a coherent presentation. He can express himself spontaneously, in a very fluid and precise way, differentiating subtle nuances of meaning even in more complex situations.

Level assessment

The CEFR proposes a self-assessment. Read the document at the link and answer for each area of ​​competence of the five listed (listening, reading, oral interaction, oral production, written production) at what level you think you are, based on the description provided.

Advantages of courses with Skype

the pro of a German lesson online via Skype

Online language courses offer some undeniable advantages, let’s see them together.

Travel time 🚌

In crowded and congested cities, moving to go to language school and then returning home, after a tiring working day, is a commitment that takes away precious time from your day.

In contrast, with German courses via Skype, the travel time to/from school is reduced to zero.

This is one of the biggest advantages of an online German course.

German mother tongue teacher

Speaking a foreign language with an accent is not a bad thing. It gives character and uniqueness to the speaker.

For teachers it is a bit different, they must transmit the correct pronunciation of the language so that the student has a precise reference. If only to avoid being surprised when he is communicating with a native speaker.

Furthermore, there are idioms, idiomatic expressions, and pitfalls that only a native speaker knows.

In a German course with Skype, you can be anywhere in the world and always have a native German teacher available.

Safety ⛑️

The safety of not having to go to a stranger’s house. Or vice versa, to receive a stranger at home. Applies to both the student and the teacher.

Unfortunately, times are difficult, and this must also be taken into account.

Without considering that, for reasons unfortunately known to all, social distancing is a must in 2022.

Duration of lesson ⏰

When choosing the duration of the lesson, consider all the possible side factors and remember that the lesson must be a pleasure.

For example: how long you can stay focused on a more or less difficult topic, how much time you have available, how much you want to spend… everything that comes to your mind.

You can choose between three options:

  • 15 minutes. If you know how to make the most of your time and have burning questions that need an immediate answer, perhaps for correcting a task.
  • 45 minutes. After a long working day, it is better not to tire yourself with too long a lesson. 45 minutes is the best choice for children, who can’t stay focused for long.
  • 90 minutes. You are highly motivated, your husband does not starve at home and you enjoy/relax learning German.

Cost of the course πŸ’°

The cost structure of my German courses with Skype is very flexible. In general, the more you book, the more you save.

The cost of the lesson of 15, 45 or 90 minutes is indicated in the table below.

DurationFee (€)
15 min.14€
45 min.40€
90 min.78€

If you book a package of 10 lessons you will have a special discounted price of 5%.

The cost of the 10-lesson package is summarized in the table below.

AppointmentsTotal Cost (€)
45 min x 10 lessons380€ (5% discount)
90 min x 10 lessons741€ (5% discount)

There are no additional costs.

Courses with Skype πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

As mentioned at the beginning, the software I have chosen for my online lessons is Skype. This does not mean that it is not possible to change the program if the student prefers it or for practical reasons, for example if Skype has technical problems.

In any case, if you’ve never done a German course with Skype, you’re probably wondering how it works.

To make the lesson more effective, students and teachers have a series of software tools. Some of these are simply inherited from traditional lessons, others are specific to online lessons.

Let’s see what these tools are.

the virtual blackboard


A fundamental tool for each lesson.

We have a virtual whiteboard where we can write everything down.

audio connection online lesson


It is a live lesson with a live audio connection between teacher and student. Just like being in person in front of the teacher.

webcam online lesson


Having a webcam is not essential, but with a video call the impression of being in a classroom with the teacher is much more realistic. So the camera is strongly recommended.

lesson chat


The chat is useful for all communications for which you want to keep a written record. Asking questions, planning the next lessons, etc.

sharing documents with the student

Sharing documents

All useful documents can be shared before, during and after the video call. Newspaper articles, photocopies, exercises.

For sharing, you can use Skype itself or other cloud saving tools, from Google Drive to other particular software.

Skype recording


With Skype you can record audio and video of the call, to be able to be reviewed offline later.

German course with Skype: what is needed?

To follow the course on Skype you will need a minimum of equipment. Find out what you need on the What you need page.

Book a German course with Skype

Lessons can be booked directly on my website at the online booking page. Click on book to go directly to the booking system.

By visiting the link above, you can choose the dates and times you would like to take the course, then proceed with the instructions. Very simple.

You can choose between 15, 45 or 90 minute lessons.

You can also book a series of lessons for the chosen duration.

At the end of the booking process, you can pay by Paypal or credit card.

Or Contact me with your request and I will book the lesson for you.

Tell me what you need, your level of German, what your difficulties are and when you would like to take lessons. I will contact you as soon as possible with a proposal.

Free trial πŸ†“

To get to know each other and show you my teaching methods I offer you a free trial lesson so you can be sure to spend your money well before booking a full course.

If I managed to catch your interest, you can contact me on to make an appointment or go directly to the booking.

Money-back guarantee πŸ‘

To give you even more confidence I offer you a money-back guarantee. That is, you can withdraw from the course at any time and you will be refunded the money for the lessons you have not yet done.