What do you need for a Skype course?

This is a checklist of what you need for taking a German lesson with Skype.

Please go through it before connecting for your Skype lesson.

✔️ A computer 💻

You can install Skype on any Windows PC, Android tablet and Apple system.

the requirements to install Skype on a Windows PC, are taken on the Skype website and are reported below.

VersionWindows 10 Version 1507, or above
Windows 8.1/8
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions supported)
ProcessorAt least 1 GHz
RAMAt least 512 MB
Additional softwareDirectX v9.0 or higher

✔️ Software

Download Skype from the official Skype website, and install it.

To log in to Skype you need an account of the Microsoft ecosystem: Skype account, Outlook.com, OneDrive, Microsoft, else.

Create an account for Skype is free, as well as the software. Skype to Skype calls are also free.

For the installation check my guide on Installing Skype.

✔️ Webcam

For the German lesson with Skype, a webcam is not strictly necessary, but I prefer to have the opportunity to see my students face-to-face. This contributes to better interactivity of the lesson.

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✔️ Headset and Microphone 🎧 🎙️

You need a headset and a microphone to listen and speak.

It is better to have a headset instead of using a PC’s loudspeakers. With the loudspeakers, the voice enter back into the microphone, resulting in an annoying echo during the lesson.

A classical call-center headset will do the work.

✔️ Internet connection

The bandwidth required for a video call in standard quality is 300Kbit/s in download and upload.

✔️ The book 📖

We will follow a book throughout the course.

And I’ll give you other copies during the course.