A German Lesson with Skype

German lessons with Skype

In a German lesson with Skype, you have the possibility to learn the language comfortably sitting in your favourite armchair at home or wherever you like.

This modern medium of teaching is often seen as second class learning. Erroneously I think.

Perhaps because of resistance to technological progress. Or perhaps because of the belief that there are more engagement and interactivity in the traditional lesson, the latter is generally believed to be better.

Are we sure that’s the case?

I believe that in 2021 technological progress is such that an online lesson no longer presents a challenge.

Specially for language lessons, online learning has proved to be an innovative way to learn. It solves many problems, for example those related to student-teacher proximity.

Nowadays, broadband Internet connections allow a good transmission of audio and video, you don’t have to fear call dropping or bad audio, therefore keeping the objective of learning the language in focus.

In a Skype lesson, it will be like standing in front of each other. The lesson is as engaging and interactive as any traditional lesson.

The possibilities to share audio and screen are useful tools for the teacher who will be able to play audio texts and assign tasks and homework to the student.

Among the innovations of Skype lessons, there is the possibility of recording them. Both audio and video are recorded for later use.

On this page we are going to learn about 1:1 German lessons with Skype. If you are interested in group course have a look to my page virtual classroom German

About me 👩‍🏫

I’m a polyglot teacher with a degree in linguistics and have been teaching German as a foreign language (DAF, Deutsch als Fremdsprache) for thirteen years.

As a language tutor, I had taught in individual and group courses, both for adults and for children.

Only recently I have launched my German courses with Skype. In my Skype courses I take advantage of what I learned in these many years of tutoring.

I know how to put the focus on learning to speak rather than giving sterile grammar lessons.

Pros of a lesson with Skype

Before going into details of my German courses let’s review the pro of learning a new language online.

the pro of a German lesson online via Skype

Commuting time 🚌

Unless you live in a castle the commuting time is very short, just the time you move to the room where your PC is 😜.

Of course, this is one of the big advantages of taking online lessons, there is no commuting.

On the opposite, imagine you have to travel to your language school at the end of an exhausting working day and then travel back home. Like our friend in the pic below.

Native speaker teacher

Sure you want to learn with a native speaker teacher who speaks accent-free German and knows all the tricks of the language.

Unfortunately, you cannot assume that you have a native German speaker teacher always available close to where you live.

With a German Skype lesson, you can be anywhere in the world 🌍, and have a German native speaker always available for you.

This makes your learning experience richer.

Language and culture

When you learn a new language, typically you don’t want to focus only on the technicality of the language, you probably are interested in learning the culture of the country where the language is spoken. Germany in our case.

Hence your German language course should be also a German culture course. That’s another reason to have a native speaker living in Germany for teacher.

In my my language learning program there are many topics inspired by real life in Germany. Or German speaking countries, do not forget that German is spoken also in Austria and Switzerland.

Safety ⛑️

Let’s face it. We live in problematic times. Do you feel confident in letting a stranger into your home? Or go to someone’s place?

With an online lesson, the problem simply doesn’t exist. You learn the new language in a totally safe environment, not having to fear anything.

My language class

A course for every need:

  • The generic German course for a language level. It is, obviously, the most booked language course. 1 or 2 lessons a week, for those who want to learn at their own pace.
  • Intensive. It is aimed to learn faster. 2 or 3 lessons a day from Monday to Thursday/Friday. Ready for the full immersion?
  • For Juniors. Juniors need special teaching techniques, specially pre-schooling kids who are not yet able to read or understand grammar concepts.
  • Crash course for vacation 🏖️. Planning your next vacation in a German speaking country? Get the most out of it.
  • Preparation for Exams. There are different exams: testDAf, Goethe certificate, telc certificate, to name the most requested. The curriculum of such a course is slightly different because usually there is a close deadline, and there are specific competence areas to be trained.
  • Conversation. You have focused too much on grammar, but you still struggle to speak fluently. No problem, let’s do a conversation course.

CEFR Levels

CEFR language level

I offer lessons for all levels.

The meaning of each level is defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It defines six levels of foreign language proficiency: A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2.

Have a look at the table below to see what language skills are expected for each level.

LevelWhat is expected
A1Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions. Introduce himself and others. Have a basic conversation with someone who speaks slowly and clearly.
A2Understand sentences and frequently used expressions. Can communicate routinely tasks, in a simple way. Can get by in the country, even if with some difficulty.
B1Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar topics. Can produce simple connected text on familiar topics. Can express personal experiences and opinions, talks about events and plans.
B2Understand the main points of complex text, including tech discussion in his field of expertise. Produce clear and detailed text on a wide range of subjects.
C1Understand a wide range of complex, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. He doesn’t need preparation for the topics. Produce clear and well-structured text, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors, and cohesive devices.
C2It’s comparable to a mother tongue. He can understand everything heard and read. Understand and can use finer shades of meaning.

Level of the courses

A1 German language courses are for beginners. In the A1 course, there are many grammar lessons. Although usually, I modulate the grammar content for people who don’t like the grammar approach.

So don’t be afraid if you don’t like grammar, there is a solution 😉.

From A2 to B1, we will switch gradually from abstract grammar concepts to always more complex German words and phrases. We work on the comprehension of the language, not forgetting the pronunciation, that is a very important, and often neglected, component of learning languages.

B2 is a consolidation course before you fly to higher levels. It is considered somewhat the turning point in learning the new language. If you pass the B2 you have done it 🎉.

The C1 level is very much focused on expanding the vocabulary, to improve your conversational skills.

C2 is the highest level, you have learned the language in all its aspects and can challenge a native speaker. You can now move to the next challenge, German dialects for example.

Said among us, German course level C1 or C2 are the most relaxing, it is mostly about speaking German to acquire fluency and a wider German vocabulary.

Duration of the lesson ⏰

When you choose the length of the lesson, consider all the important factors, remembering that learning German must be a pleasure first.

Some factors to take into account are: how long you can follow without losing attention, how much money you want to spend, how much time you have to learn German… everything that comes to your mind.

You can choose between 3 options for the duration of the lesson:

  • 15 minutes. You know how to use your time! Prepare your questions upfront. If you want me to correct a text, send me the text in advance.
  • 45 minutes. You come from a long working day. It is best not to overwork with too long a lesson. This is a perfect choice also for children and teenagers, who can’t stay focused too long.
  • 90 minutes. You are really motivated, children are not starving at home and du hast Spaß (you have fun)!

Pricing of the lessons 💰

For the invaluable service of teaching you German I ask you a modest contribution 😉.

For the fees of my German lessons go to the Fees page.

The Lesson 👩‍💻

If you have never taken online lessons you might be wondering how does it look like?

The teacher and the learner have a handful of tools to make the lesson effective. Some of these tools are inherited directly from the traditional lesson, some are peculiar to online learning. Let’s review them.

the virtual blackboard in the online lesson

It is a fundamental tool in every school classroom.

We have a virtual blackboard where one can write and draw.

audio connection German lesson with Skype

Obviously, the live audio connection allows you to listen and speak at the same time.

webcam for the online lesson

With the addition of the video, the feeling of the classroom is complete.

lesson chat

In the chat, you can write difficult words, or make communications that you want to remain.

sharing documents with the student
Documents Sharing

All useful documents can be shared, before, during, or after the call. Newspaper articles, copies, exercises.

Skype recording

With Skype one can record audio and video, to be watched later offline.

What you need

This is my checklist of what you need for taking online German classes.

✔️ A computer 💻

Windows PC, Linux PC, Android tablet, Apple computer, anything is fine.

Technically you could use a smartphone as well, but this is not so practical as the screen is small and you are requested to read what’s on the screen.

✔️ Software

No bulky language-learning software, just a common and easily available and used-by-all software: Skype.

Download it from the official website, and install it following the instruction.

To use it you need to create an account, this is free, as well as the software. Skype to Skype calls are also free.

Any account of the Microsoft ecosystem will allow you to sign in: Skype account, Outlook.com, OneDrive, Microsoft, else.

If you have a Windows PC, these are the requirements to install it.

VersionWindows 10 Version 1507 or above
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions supported)
ProcessorAt least 1 GHz
RAMAt least 512 MB
Additional softwareDirectX v9.0 or higher

✔️ Webcam

For the online course, a webcam is not strictly necessary, but I prefer to have the opportunity to look at my students’ faces. This contributes to better interactivity of the lesson.

✔️ Headset and Microphone 🎧 🎙️

You need a headset and a microphone to listen and speak.

It is suggested to have a headset instead of using a PC’s loudspeaker. With the latter, the voice couples back in the microphone, resulting in a disturbing echo during the lesson.

A classical call-center headset will do the work.

✔️ Internet connection

The bandwidth required for a video call in standard quality is 300Kbit/s in download and upload.

✔️ The book 📖

Upon deciding which language level is the most appropriate, and the course you would like to make, I will suggest you a textbook.

I will give you other materials during the our German language classes.

Booking a German lesson with Skype

There are two possibilities to book a lesson.

Using the booking system

You can book it directly in my online booking system.

Visit the link above, choose a day, and find a free slot. As simple as that.

A regular lesson can be of 45 or 90 minutes. I also offer the possibility to book a mini-slot of 15 minutes, if you have urgent questions for the preparation of an essay or exam for example.

In the booking system, you can choose the duration (15, 45, 90 minutes) as well as how many lessons do you want to book.

You can book as many lessons as you like.

At the end of the booking, you are requested to pay with Paypal or credit card.

I book you in

Another possibility to book a lesson is to get in contact with me with your request and I will book you in.

Just tell me what are your needs, where are your difficulties if you already started learning, when would you like to have a lesson. The more information the better!

Free Trial Lesson

Of course, learning German as a second language requires some time, therefore you might be planning to take a complete course.

In this case, you want to be sure that I’m the right teacher for you before you pay the entire course.

No problem, I can offer you a free trial lesson, it will be a demonstration of how to make an online German lesson and of my teaching methods.

Did I turn on your interest? Book a lesson or get in contact with me.

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