Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you find the most common technical questions about the online German courses.

You can find an extensive and updated guide on my page installing Skype.

Using Skype is free for PC to PC audio and video calls.

You may incur the cost of the data connection if you do not have a flat rate Internet connection.

There are two possibilities to book a lesson.

Option 1.

Navigate to the page

There you have a complete booking system, where you can choose the dates and time of your appointments.

At the end you can pay with credit card or Paypal.

Option 2.

Contact me with your request, possibly sending an email to and I will book you in.

For other contact possibility please visit the contacts page.

If you are new and want to have a free trial lesson of German just contact me with your request.

You can find all the answers on my page What do I need for a Skype course.